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  • No Capital Investment

  • No Equipment Deposits

  • No End User Training

  • Low-Cost, Unlimited Offsite Storage by Amazon

  • Multi-Level Security

  • Secure Web Interface For Anywhere, Anytime Access

  • Works with Existing Windows & Mac Environments using SMB/CIFS Shares

  • Latest Copy Available Onsite

  • Tree View and Search Navigation

  • All Data is Encrypted - Locally, When Transmitted, and Offsite

  • Integrated Reporting, Event Notification, and Management Services

  • Comprehensive Job Scheduling and Retention Policies

  • Active Directory Enabled

On-Demand Offsite Data Backup & Archiving

Would you like no-hassle data backup?

Do you need offsite, out-of-region storage for disaster recovery?

Can you use offsite long-term archiving for legal documents, financial files and HR records?

You should have Digisense!

We can quickly install the integrated system for data backup, storage and retrieval, all at a flat monthly fee.

You never have to do anything (except tell us “yes!”)

The small yet mighty Digisense Onsite Manager sits at your site. It maps out all attached network devices and uses the account in­formation from Active Directory. It also moni­tors all the data on the network servers (in­cluding Exchange & SQL Server) and workstations. Based on your preferences, the Onsite Manager will process full backups weekly and/or monthly, with incremental or differ­entials in-between. The data is en­crypted, indexed and archived auto­matically off-site.  And a copy of the last full backup is always kept by the Manager for fast restores.

You tell us how long a retention period you want. Do you have a folder with accounting file you wish to keep for 5 years, but everything else 3 months? You can specify different retention periods.

Your data is always secure. Your data is protected consistently using encryption on locally stored data, remotely stored data, and over the wire. All data is encrypted using unique keys for each individual customer. Each system includes integrated key management and key rotation.

Online archiving gives you eco­nomical short-term backup and long-term storage.  Hosted on Amazon’s server farms, every­thing is encrypted and readily accessible via Digisense’s highly secure Web interface…at a price that makes sense to you and your budget. And, you can choose to keep files for 3, 5…even 15 years. 

You know you should have a backup process and a disaster recovery plan (better yet, a disaster prevention plan) – so let us help!

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