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On-Demand Metrics with "Metricus"

Metricus is a pragmatic, on-demand, service that delivers clarity to any sized business on the performance of IT. Metricus consolidates disparate data from various places and systems within the organization and transforms that into a clear and holistic picture of the performance of IT. With this clarity Metricus helps you drive IT improvement initiatives and optimize the performance of your IT organization. Metricus helps IT organizations and professional services organizations in various ways:

The measurement component of any best practice implementation

Metricus is the measurement component of any IT best practice implementation and allows you to set a baseline and track the actual value contribution of adopting best practices.

Clarity on the performance of service providers

Service providers use Metricus to present crystal clear picture on their performance and achievements to customers. This transparency breaks down communication barriers between service providers and their customers and creates a common language for doing business. From the other side of the fence, customer organizations deploy Metricus to get a grip on their external providers and track the performance of their providers.  

Presenting a holistic picture on overall IT Performance

CIOs and IT Managers are often flying blind and take decisions based on disparate data and unreliable information, Metricus functions as the information aggregator presenting a holistic IT decision making picture.

Benchmarking internal departments or teams

Metricus allows you to align the performance of internal departments or teams. Applying a consistent set of metrics from the Metricus IT Performance management metadata tells you how one department is performing against the other and allows you to bring all departments to the same level.


Metricus Knowledge Center

Find all the information you need about Metricus and IT Performance Management. Do not hesitate to get in touch with us if you would like to have a conversation with us to see what Metricus can mean for you. We can provide you with a login to a demonstration environment or connect you with a Metricus Authorized Partner who can discuss Metricus further with you.


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